What You Need To Know About The Car Overheating

The engine of the car can be too warm in all weather conditions and temperature. Changes chemical energy into fuel to heat energy by combustion of fuel needed to run the car. If this process is not monitored and controlled, then overheating may occur.

High temperatures can damage and burn a hole in the part, damage to the rings, pistons or rod bearings or head gasket blows. Unfortunately, some machines are made with aluminum heads or other parts that may be sensitive to higher temperatures than normal. Contrary to popular belief, refrigeration does not always save your engine if overheating occurs. If the coolant in your car starts to cook the old radiator hose or maybe burst, the piston can swell and intervene in a boring or your exhaust valve stems may be connected or abrasions on their guidance.

Some of the main causes of overheating include:

* Low coolant or coolant leakage
* Poor heat conduction in the engine deposits caused by water jackets
* Poor flow of air through the radiator
* A fan clutch slip
* Non-electric fan
* A broken radiator hose
* A loose or eroded impeller of the pump
* Dragging brakes

It is important to immediately cool down after your car and you see the temperature or light indicates that your vehicle is hot let. If you do not, you run the risk of blowing your engine. It may take more time to sit and wait fot the cold, but will more than likely significantly reduce the cost of repairs.

It’s also a wise idea to the heater at full speed, because most heat from the engine. In addition, you can try putting the car in neutral and rev the engine at idle speed. If this action does not help cool the engine, there is probably a bigger problem than a simple overtime and you should consult a professional.

The difference between analog and digital?

As a technology, analog is the process of taking an audio or video signal (human voice), and translated into electronic impulses. Violation of the second digital signal into a binary format where the audio or video data represents a series of “1” s and “0” s. Quite simply, if the device is an analog or digital telephone, fax, modem, or wise, that not all the converting for you.

Digital vs analog indicate that the method of input, data storage and transfer operation of the internal device, and the nature of the display. The word comes from the same source as the word and the number DIGITUS.
The digital technology breaks your voice (or television) signal is a series of binary 1 and 0 at the other side, where another device (phone, modem or TV) takes all the numbers and putting them in the original signal. The beauty of digital that he knows what must be, if at the end of your transmission. Thus, if a fault occurred in the data transfer. What does this mean for you? Clarity. In most cases you’ll get distortion-free conversations and clearer television images. The nature of digital technology makes it possible to cram together many of those 1 and 0 in the same space an analog signal. As a button-rich phone at work or in the 200-plus digital cable service, means that multiple functions crammed into a digital signal. Digital offers better clarity, but analog gives a richer quality. Like a digital VCR or CD is the cost of everything from cell phones coming out and the satellite dishes.

Telephone lines

The digital telephone lines are big business. Though digital lines carry lower voltages than analog lines, still pose a risk to the analog equipment.

The analog lines are also known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), support standard phones, fax machines and modems. These lines, which are characteristic of your home or small office

There are digital-analog adapters that not only allows you to use the analog devices in the digital environment, but also protection against frying the internal circuits of the telephone, fax, modem or laptop.

Cordless Phone

The nature of digital technology, breaking the mark of a binary code and recreating the host endgives it clean, distortion-free wireless calls.

Cordless phones, digital technology is able to encrypt every 1 and 0 during the transfer, so the conversations secure from eavesdropping. Plus, more power can be applied to digital signals, so you will have a wider range of wireless phone conversations to enjoy.

The advantage of the analog cordless products? Well, they are a bit cheaper. And the sound quality is richer. So, if the digital security, why not save a few bucks and go with an analog phone line? Indeed, in the home or small office environments where you may be the only wireless user, you will not be disturbed.

Keep in mind when talking about the digital and analog cordless phones, talking about the transmission of signals between the handset and the base. The phones themselves are analog devices, which are exclusively on analog lines. The range of analog or digital wireless phone is always willing to depend on the environment.

Cell Phones

Perhaps the most effective against the analogue to digital technology in the growing mobile market. Activate the new phone is growing exponentially, quickly realized the limits of the analog.

Digital cellular lets significantly more people use their phones to a coverage area. Further information is transmitted and received simultaneously on all telephone users. Plus, transmissions are more resistant to static and signal fade. And the all-in-one nowphone phones, pagers, voice mail, internet access, digital phones with more features than the analog predecessors.

The analog sound quality, some users still superioras dual transfer switch in the right-hand phones with analog sound, when not busy with a full coverage areabut digital is quickly becoming the standard in the mobile market.

Better sound
Digital provides better sound quality. Supporters of digital claimed too that because digital scrambled up the signal bursts, it is more secure than analog and can help to thwart “cloning” an act of grabbing phone account information over the air, and then copy the sales data for the purposes of piracy. Some industry estimates, nearly $ 650 million in wireless services to their large ears coveted criminals, adding that the bottom line of the operating costs are eventually transferred to the buyer. Digital battery is stronger than analogue, and most, better, more advanced phone services.

Alternative Energy

The energy that we often use more and more reduced or depleted. Because of the wide use of uncontrolled, giving rise to the scarcity or even die out. For that now needs to consider the alternative energy instead of energy which is usually often used. The following are the various alternative energy sources that can be utilized, in addition will help the air to be clean, the savings also will be done.

Wind. Kinetic wind power is now already widely used as a wind player using wind turbines for home or for business purposes. Just one turbine can support up to thirty houses, but because the wind is always blowing, backup power must always remain available.

Sun. Sun-rich tropical countries seem to be very suitable to use this resource. Try using a roof made of solar systems are called photovoltaic cells.

Biodiesel. The basic ingredients of this fuel made from plants like soy, coconut and the like, biodiesel is non-toxic fuel that can be blended with regular diesel or used as is to reduce emissions.

Nuclear. With uranium fuel, metals found in rocks, and processed in a nuclear reactor, the heat energy will be used as an ingredient to turn turbines that exist. These energy sources do not release greenhouse gas emissions. 20% of the power source in the U.S. have nuclear fuel.

Hydrogen. How do you create a resource that did not remove anything but clean water? The answer is hydrogen fuel cells. The problem now is to separate hydrogen from a composition, such as carbon chain or water, means using other resources. Storage of hydrogen is also not easy, because its density is very low, it is very difficult to put hydrogen in large quantities in a narrow room. Hence, although many vehicles began using hydrogen as fuel, it is still difficult to set up hydrogen filling stations.

Wow, 19 ” Game ” Local Made Within 2 Weeks

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com – It was a chance the developer Indonesia to host the applications market is huge.  Nineteen mobile game applications generated from the workshop for two weeks by people who are still studying the technique of making such applications.

According to a press release received from Agate Kompas.com Studio, the 19 th of the application is made by novice developers who participated in workshops (workshops) making a game that made Nokia and Agate Studios in Bandung.  War game development contest was held at the end of the workshop, March 31, 2011 in Hilton Hotel, Bandung.  The competition was followed by workshops which selected 10 finalists based mobile game developed.

In addition to the finalists and other workshop participants, the event was also attended by IT practitioners, students and lecturers from within and outside the city.  Ten finalist teams selected to present mobile games workshop for two weeks before the five judges who then select the three best teams.

Furthermore, all three teams were asked to improve their mobile games within one hour.  The process of improvisation is viewed directly by all attendees at this competition.  The jury then decides the order of winners from the results of this final stage improvisation.  Three teams first prize Alienware laptop and the Nokia E7 for first prize, the Nokia E7 and N8 to the second rank, and the Nokia N8 and C7 to rank third.

The winner of this competition is Yuandra Ismiraldi and Paramita Hapsari with an application called “Escape School”.  Mobile maze type game that has an original concept with interesting gameplay.

In addition, the development of the next game was still very prospective because it has many elements that can be improvised.  Applications of the finalists of this workshop will soon be launched on Ovi Store to be played and enjoyed by all circles.

Game Development Workshop and War is not just about the prize or title.  Many participants who claimed to have found a way to pursue a field that is very enjoyable, namely the development of mobile games.  Through this workshop is also a lot of new knowledge gained.  In fact, there are participants who are determined to continue to learn and develop other games, after attending the workshop.

Post-workshop, the developers were still able to continue to establish communication and exchange of knowledge through the Forum Nokia and special site prepared for it, which is NICE (Nokia Indonesia Community enthusiast), as a venue for local developers.

Mozilla Launches Firefox 4 and Delivers a Fast, Sleek and Customizable Browsing Experience to More Than 400 Million Users Worldwide

Mozilla, a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better, is proud to release Mozilla Firefox 4, the newest version of the popular, free and open source Web browser. Firefox puts users in control of their Web experience, providing a streamlined user interface, fun new features, a boost in speed and support for modern Web technologies.

Firefox 4 is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in more than 80 languages. Firefox 4 will also be available on Android and Maemo devices soon.

Firefox 4 is the fastest Firefox yet. With dramatic speed and performance advancements across the board, Firefox is between two and six times faster than previous releases. Major enhancements to the JavaScript engine make everything from startup time to page load speed to graphics and JavaScript performance screaming fast in Firefox.

The latest version of Firefox introduces a sleek new look that lets Web content take center stage. With features like App Tabs and Panorama, Firefox makes it easier and more efficient to navigate the Web. Firefox delivers industry-leading privacy and security features like Do Not Track and Content Security Policy to give users control over their personal data and protect them online.

Firefox Sync gives users access to their Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs and passwords across computers and mobile devices. Firefox also offers hundreds of thousands of add-ons, extensions and Personas and a new Firefox Add-ons Manager to make it easy for users to manage and discover add-ons to customize their Web experience.

Firefox supports modern Web technologies, including HTML5. These technologies are the foundation for building amazing websites and Web applications. Go to Web O’ Wonder and check out the incredible online experiences developers can now create.

What’s New in Firefox 4:

Fastest Firefox Ever

  • Performance: Firefox is up to six times faster than the previous release. With improved start-up and page load times, speedy Web app performance and hardware accelerated graphics, Firefox is optimized for rich, interactive websites.

Streamlined Interface

  • App Tabs: give a permanent home to frequently visited sites like Web mail, Twitter, Pandora, Flickr.
  • Switch to Tab: easily find and switch to any open tab from your Awesome Bar without opening duplicate tabs.
  • Panorama: drag and drop tabs into manageable groups to save time while navigating many open tabs.

Private and Secure Synchronization

  • Firefox Sync: access your Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across multiple computers and mobile devices.

Most Customizable

Private and Secure

  • Do Not Track: Firefox is leading the Web towards a universal standard Do Not Track feature that allows users to opt-out of tracking used for behavioral advertising.
  • Firefox puts privacy first, fixing flaws in some Web standards to prevent others from accessing your browser history.
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): automatically establishes secure connections to stop “man in the middle” attacks and keep sensitive data safe from interception during the log-in process.
  • Content Security Policy (CSP): prevent cross-scripting attacks by allowing sites to explicitly tell the browser which content is legitimate.

Cutting Edge Tools for Web Developers:

  • The JavaScript engine incorporates the new JägerMonkey JIT compiler, along with enhancements to the existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey’s interpreter for faster page-load speed and better performance of Web apps and games.
  • HTML5 support in Firefox includes hardware accelerated, high-definition video (WebM), 3D graphics, offline data storage, professional typography, touchscreen interfaces and the Mozilla Audio API to help create visual experiences for sound and more.
  • Firefox 4 also improves existing tools like CSS, Canvas and SVG to enable developers to make exciting Web pages.
  • Firefox provides uninterrupted browsing when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins. If one of these plugins crashes or freezes, it won’t affect the rest of Firefox. Simply reload the page to restart the plugin.

Introduction to Computer Network (10th Grade, Topology)

Computer networking is a system which consists of computer and other network devices that work together to achieve a similar goal. They formed a communication between the computer to:
a. Using of data, resources and others
b. Communication
c. Access information, etc

To achieve the goal of computer network services, there is the request service (client) and service provider (server). This system is called client-server network.

Computer network be formed by connecting the computer using the cable media (cabling) is arranged such that a form of architecture / model relationship between the computer is called topology. The type of network topology is as follows:

1. BUS
computer servers and workstations connected in sequence via a single cable. This topology is simple and easy to develop, but when one workstation experiencing problems then the other will be affected.

This topology is similar to the bus topology, ring topology difference between each other as if the end form a circle ring. On this topology data flow direction, that means all of the computers in the network will participate in the process through which information, so that when one is broken it will affect the entire network.

In this topology, each computer is connected directly through intermediaries such as media hub / switch. In practice, development of a network does not usually use only one topology, but some combination of the existing topology.

Relationship between devices where each device is connected directly to another device on the network. As a result, in a mesh topology each device can communicate directly with the destination device.

Like the star topology, the device (node, devices) in the tree topology is also connected to a central control (central hub) is working to set up traffic in the network. However, not all devices in the topology tree is connected directly to the central hub. Some devices are connected directly to the central hub, but the other is connected through a secondary hub.

After reading the above description, try to answer some questions below:
1. Search information about the shortage and surplus if using the mesh and tree topology
2. Eearch information about the cabling techniques in star and tree topology